More Physicians Will Work as Locum Tenens

A report by The Physicians Foundation and physician search firm Merritt Hawkins discovered more physicians will choose locum tenens work moving forward. The survey reached over 17 thousand active physicians, providing a fascinating look at the evolving mindset of US physicians.

The Physician Foundation survey revealed that 11.5 percent of physicians plan to work as locum tenens in the next one to three years. That number’s gone up in recent years. A similar survey in 2014 showed only 9.1 percent of physicians planned on transitioning to locum tenens.

Age may play a role in the decision to work locum tenens. Just under 13 percent of respondents 45 and younger plan to work locum tenens assignment in the next one to three years. Just 10.8 of physicians 46 and older said the same.

The survey also found that more male physicians plan on work locums than female physicians. A little over 12 percent of male physicians said they plan to work as locum tenens compared to just 9.7 percent of female physicians.

You can read the report in its entirety here.

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